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Sanctuary Retreat Center

Originally a turn-of-the-century family farm, this property has been in the hands of religious orders since the 1950's, first as a convent and then a monastery. Today, Sanctuary continues to be a place for people of all ages to experience peace and joy amidst the bounty of nature. Sanctuary is under the auspices of Am Kolel (Hebrew for "an inclusive people") is a 501(c)3 community directed by Rabbi David Shneyer. Am Kolel is devoted to spiritual renewal, deep ecumenism, and tikkun olam, which means "repairing/healing the world."

Stay in our comfortable guest rooms, enjoy the beautiful grounds or contemplative time in our magnificent chapel. No phone (except for emergency use), no television, no swimming pool or workout room! Just you and the bounties of creation.

Sanctuary is open to ALL people…. to anyone who would like a restful experience in a beautiful, natural setting.

Our Retreat Manager

Our Retreat Center is currently being managed by a team well trained to meet all your needs.

This Management Team includes Am Kolel's Director, Rabbi David Shneyer, and other members of the Retreat Management Team.  For inquiries, please contact the Retreat Manager at 301-349-2799 

Take a Tour of Sanctuary

If you would like to have a tour of our facilities, please make an appointment with our office by calling 301-349-2799 

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