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sanctuary GROUNDS

A huge deck overlooks our celebration growth 28 acres of gorgeous grounds that boast a host of  special spaces in which to delight in nature, including a meditation garden, labyrinth, outdoor chapel, picnic area, screened gazebo, 2 campfire areas and woods.

The monks who lived here in the early days were horticulturists, and the plantings are varied and rich. There are fruit trees and an organic vegetable garden, as well as perennial

and herb beds.

The sunsets here at Sanctuary are simply gorgeous... red, orange and pink streak the western sky over gently rolling farmland. The moon and stars are vivid on cloudless nights. Resting in the countryside, you tune in to the rhythms of the earth and the cycles of nature.


The Rosen Soul Garden

The Rosen Soul Garden has been planted in honor of Rose & Dan generated deep feelings of love, peace, acceptance and community.

The ten trees are designed according to The Kabbalistic Tree of Life, The Sefirot, which are described in the diagram. We hope all who enter this grove will enjoy its beauty and take strength from the spiritual/emotional attributes represented by each tree.



The Sophia and Shechina Labyrinth

Labyrinths have an ancient spiritual and ritual history, the oldest design being the seven circuit or classical form that we have at Sanctuary.

The Labyrinth at Sanctuary is named for Sophia and Shechina, the female personifications of spiritual wisdom and the Divine Presence.

In the Kabbalistic tradition the seven circuits also correspond to seven gateways to Divine Awareness.

Sophia  is the Greek word of wisdom and is also identified as the Goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Gnostics’ teachings have influenced the Jewish mystics and ideas of Shechina. Wisdom in Hebrew is chochmah and resides in the highest realms of the Tree of Life.

“Shechina” is a feminine noun and has come to reflect the feminine aspect of God. The Shechina is the presence of God’s holiness in a place, person (or group of people), or period of time. As Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan explains, “When we say that God ‘dwells’ in a certain place or situation, we really mean that a person can have an additional awareness of Divine there.

According to the Kabbalah, we are blessed to experience the Shechina. But how do we receive this gift? By being open to life, to our hearts and giving our loving presence to others.  The Shechina dwells where there is love and reconciliation.

May our labyrinth and it’s seven circuits bring us closer to the Shechina and to Wisdom.

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