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Sanctuary is a spiritual retreat center in Western Montgomery County, Maryland, less than an hour's drive from downtown Washington, D.C. It is a place of natural beauty and serenity, where you can experience rest, relaxation and renewal.
We are located on 28 acres of rolling hillsides and farmland in the Agricultural Reserve. This is a wonderful place to enjoy the wonders of nature - whether strolling the acres of fields and woods, or lounging in a comfortable seat in our gardens.
The monks who lived here in the early days were horticulturists, and the plantings are varied and rich. There are fruit trees and vegetable gardens, as well as perennial herbs and herb beds.
Stay in one of our comfortable rooms, enjoy the beautiful grounds or contemplative time in our chapel. No phone but we do have Wi Fi, no television, no swimming pool but we do have a creek! Just you and the bounties of creation.
Sanctuary also hosts a trans-spiritual paths bookstore and a Judaic library of philosophy, spirituality, Kabbalah, history and literature.
Originally a family farm, this property has been in the hands of religious orders since the 1950's, first as a  convent and then a monastery. Today, Sanctuary is under the auspices of Am Kolel (Hebrew for "an inclusive people"), a Jewish Renewal community directed by Rabbi David Shneyer, which is devoted to spiritual renewal, deep ecumenism, and tikkun olam - "repairing and healing the world."

Sanctuary is open to ALL people.. to anyone who would like a restful experience in a beautiful, natural setting.

from our guests...

"This place is like a little version of heaven."

"The silence and hospitality of this place speaks the language of peace and tranquility."

"Thanks, Sanctuary, for the rest of my body and the refreshment of my spirit."

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